We are thrilled that you've decided to look further into this role as a Vantage Brand Ambassador! Below is a run down on the program and FAQ's. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our team via email. —ambassadors@vantageathletic.com

Our Brand Ambassador program is fairly straight forward. As an ambassador you can post as little or as much as you'd like, we recommend that you post twice a month to get the most out of the program (feed or stories). No long term commitments or continual purchase requirements! 

Feel free to use any other Instagram account that you have, as well as other social media platforms. The more you post and share your code, the more people will be interested in purchasing through your code, which means you will make more through your 10% commission!

In simple terms you will be purchasing at a 25% discount using code AMBASS25. Once you make your first purchase you will be signing up for our Ambassador Dashboard. In that dashboard you will get links and a personal code for 15% off where you can track who uses your code and how much money you've made in commission. 

For Example, Reggie signs up and is accepted to be an Ambassador. Reggie then purchases at a 25% discount using code AMBASS25 and then signs up for the dashboard. Once Reggie recieves his order he posts about it on social media telling his followers they can get 15% off when they use their code "REGGIE15". 

Reggie then makes a 10% kickback on the revenue generated from his code!